Do you often think about the “DREAM JOB” that’s perfect for you?

Has your resume not yielded the right interviews you desire?

Do you dream of a salary that you think you merit?

Are you tired of answering so many phone interviews, only to be ghosted?

Perhaps you’ve been told that you simply are either over or under-qualified?


If you’re reading this and have answered “YES” to at least one of the above questions
then you are definitely wondering how to get over this.

That’s where we come in place.

We will guide you to position yourself into a job magnet!

You deserve an amazing Job that reflects your qualities, skillsets and who you are!

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Why Choose Us?

We are “Career Catalysts” that believe in translating your unique career story to help you find your dream job.

Our goal is to position you to attract 10X” more interviews, premium opportunities, and land jobs faster than average, and earn higher.

How can we help you win ?

Career Road-mapping

Before you create a killer resume or prep yourself for an interview, you need clarity on what your dream job actually seems like.

Resume Building

Did you know that Interviewers spend only 6 seconds on average looking at a resume? Learn how to grab their attention rather than getting moved to the “no pile”.

Linkedin Rebranding

Want to get attention from recruiters but don’t know how? A great LinkedIn profile can help.

Professional Network Building

A dreaded term for a few people, this networking module will offer you the knacks to tackle any situation and teach you ways to network successfully;

Targeted Job Searching Stratergy

If you’ve ever experienced the dull, repetitive cycle of applying for employment and not hearing back, then you’re not alone.

Professional Brand Positioning

A personal brand is all about you show casing your uniqueness, your distinct talents, what you represent and what people say about you when you’re not around.

Body Language And Communication

Research shows 93% of communication comes from body language and only 7 percent comes from what we say. What does this mean?

Mastering And Acing The Interview Prep Process

You have landed an interview for your perfect role and acing the interview is your utmost priority.

This Workshop Will Show You How To Transform Your Career, Get You Back In The Driver Seat & Attract Opportunities While You Sleep.

What the heck does “Octomento” mean, anyway?

Octomento is a fusion of two words.

‘Octo’ comes from the word Octopus & ‘Mento’ is derived from the word Mentor.

We were in awe of the Mysterious Octopus as its characteristics has striking similarities with an ideal employee.

Mentor is an individual who guides you to achieve success in a specific domain.

Hence the name Octomento.

Sometimes, you just need to showcase your inner OCTOPUS and find the right Mentor to guide you around  to build your dreams.

We can be that MENTOR for you.

Cool Characteristics Of An Octopus

How can WE HELP?

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“Watch our free workshop for the best-discounted price.”


You have one year unlimited access to the program once you enroll.

The video based course is self-paced. You start and end it at your own pace.

Of course..👍🏻😇, We have a 7-day no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee.

” The dream job you’ve always wanted is calling you.

Now is the time to act.

Are you able to answer the call?

Let us help you reach the heights you always dream of.
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