12 smart ways to engage your employees

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Engagement is a workplace performance issue that has captured the attention of business leaders and human resources managers and is credited with having a positive impact on business outcomes such as customer service, teamwork, and productivity.

Researchers, who have extensively studied employee motivation, suggest that employee engagement is a key factor in workplace motivation.

  • Encourage your employees to speak up:

If you want your employees to feel comfortable speaking their minds, you have to make it clear that they can do so without fear of criticism and judgment. Promote and practice a sense of openness and honesty.

  • Help your employees to get to know each other better:

The bigger a company gets, the more of a chance there will be a disconnection. As a manager, it’s important to place focus on helping your employees to get to know each other better, and there are a number of fun ways to go about doing so. Ex; going out for a movie with your employees.

  • Serve as a mentor:

Improving employee engagement means serving as a mentor for those who are facing issues, regardless of how busy you may be set aside just a bit of time to help someone who is struggling in their job can go quite a long way.

  • Encourage positive health and wellness:

Health is wealth!. If you want to have a staff full of engaged employees, you’ve got to take steps yourself to help them remain happy and healthy. Healthy employees are more productive in the workplace and that leads to the profitability of the company.

  • Help employees move forward in their career and education

If you want to improve engagement levels your employees, you need to show your employees that you’re there to help. You can do this in a number of ways, such as paying for academic classes, allowing employees to attend workshops during workday hours, arranging internships, and more.

  • Create unique work environment 

Creating unique office culture within your office is something that is typically done to engage your employees differently. Artwork, music, branded mugs, even changing the interior of your office with innovative themes every month are just a few things that can help to add character to your work environment.

  • Clarify goals and responsibility

Clarifying goals and responsibilities is essential if you intend to improve employee engagement within your organization, an employee simply can’t be engaged in something they don’t understand. Roles should be allocated to each and every employee of your organization.

  • Hire based on traits and attitude

Every manager wants to have his/her employees to have a great deal of experience and Incredible qualifications but it shouldn’t be the only criteria for hiring an employee. A manager should hire the candidate not only based on experience and qualification but also on certain behavior, traits and attitude.

  • Let your employees focus on what they do best

If you want your employees to stay as engaged as possible, allow them to focus on their skills. Employees whose productivity is top notch will like to do the work what they are good at.

  • Celebrate Your Staff: Birthdays, Accomplishments, etc

Celebrating your staff is essential to employee engagement. Be it a birthday, academic achievement or work-related achievement, celebrating these kinds of activities will make them realize a sense of belongingness in an organization.

  • Let Employees Work in Other Departments on Occasion

If there’s one thing that can make employee engagement levels reach higher, it’s by helping your staff to learn the ins-and-outs of the business entirely. On an occasion, your staff needs to involve in others work so that they can realize how important others work are for the betterment of the company.

  • Hold Regular Brainstorming Sessions

The more you can do to foster the creation and sharing of great ideas within your organization, the better off your business will fare in the long run and the more engaged your employees will be.



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