5 Smart ways to co-exist with the Artificial Intelligence

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There is widespread concern over the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on employment in coming years. A vast range of jobs are at risk of extinction and could lead to growth of job losses. The other fear is that AI would lead to increase in inequalities and lack of social belongingness.

Elon Musk has stated that AI represents an essential threat to humanity and has suggested tight regulations.

Bill Gates has said that robots need to be properly taxed in order to compensate for greater efficiency compared to humans and suggested the speed of automation should be slowed down.


What is artificial intelligence?

When human beings develop their own cognitive abilities, it’s called “natural intelligence.” When computers begin to think like humans, it’s “artificial intelligence” (AI).

In other words, Artificial intelligence is intelligence performed by machines, in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans.


Why is this misconception over the advent in the field of Artificial Intelligence?

There are misconceptions or myths related to artificial intelligence that is creating uproar among the working class especially in the manufacturing sector. Some popular myths are:

  • With the job automation Artificial intelligence will replace human intelligence with job as a first victim.
  • The AI is programmed to do something devastating if it’s not controlled by human interference.
  • Artificial intelligence ultimately takes over reigns of the mankind and replace it with their kind.

So, how one does co-exist with AI in the daily routine.


Using AI in day to day task:

From creating perfect headlines for your emails to advising Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to set remainders about buying groceries, AI will help in saving your valuable time for more productive activity.


Using AI in the military:

Our armed forces can make use of AI from surveillance through drone, to finding landmines in the Naxal affected areas so that the number of casualties from both armed personnel and civilians can be reduced.


Using AI in Education:

Learning through artificial intelligence is not only innovative but it can be fun and creative which it brings out from a student.


Using AI in Designing and Manufacturing:

Using AI in architectural design to manufacturing ‘zero defect’ products and services which not only increases healthy competition in the market, but it will also increase the productivity of the workers.


Using AI with big data:

All companies are data-centric now. Using big data with artificial intelligence will increases the accuracy of the information. A good example, Indian army uses big data to pinpoint the infiltration of terrorists into the Indian Territory at the right place, and at the right time to eliminate the terrorists.

Whether it is a threat to mankind, whether we adopt it or avoid it, the time will tell. Artificial intelligence will stay as long as we make the necessary changes in the way we perceive, make use of it or learn to co-exist with it.



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