6 Awesome Companies that are killing it with their work culture

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Zappos has emerged as nearly as well known for its way of life as it’s far for the footwear that it sells online. It begins with a cultural match interview, which carries 1/2th the burden of whether the candidate is hired. New employees are presented $2,000 to end after the first week of training in the event that they determine the process isn’t for them.

Ten core values are imparted in every team member. employee raises come from people who pass talent exams and exhibit accelerated capability, no longer from workplace politics. portions of the budget are devoted to working group building and subculture advertising.

A fantastic place of work that is fun and dedicated to making customers satisfied all in shape in with the Zappos method to organization lifestyle, while you get the agency culture right, first-rate customer support and an extremely good brand will appear on its very own.

Southwest Airlines:

SouthWest Airlines Corporate Headquarters – (Credits: www.glassdoor.co.uk)

The airline industry is regularly mocked for grumpy personnel and poor customer support, however, Southwest airlines remove these tendencies. Customers dependable to Southwest frequently point to satisfied and pleasant personnel who try tough to assist.

Southwest isn’t new to the sport. It’s been in operation for 43 years. Yet somehow, all through all that time, the company has controlled to talk its desires and imaginative and prescient to personnel in a way that makes them a part of a unified group. Southwest additionally gives employees “permission” to go that more mile to make customers glad, empowering them to do what they need to do to satisfy that imaginative and prescient.


Employees of Twitter can’t prevent raving about the agency’s culture. Rooftop conferences, friendly co-workers and a crew-orientated environment wherein everybody is inspired by using the enterprise’s dreams have stimulated that praise.

Personnel of Twitter also can count on loose food on the San Francisco headquarters, together with yoga lessons and limitless vacations for some. these and lots of different perks are not unheard of inside the corporate world.

but what sets Twitter apart? personnel can’t prevent to speak approximately how they love working with different smart co-workers. workers can’t stop raving about being a part of a corporation that is doing something for their personnel.


This company lifestyle is one that is “flat, open and innovative.” A flat organization is one where there is a number of tiers of management between personnel and managers. This technique is more common amongst start-ups which is easier to communicate when it is small.

Squarespace also offers sturdy advantages and perks, together with a hundred percentage insurance of health insurance charges, bendy holidays, appealing office space, catered food, stocked kitchens, monthly celebrations, rest spaces, and periodic visitor lecturers. Down-to-earth leaders and direct get to right entry to management have an amazing deal of impact.


Just like Google, FB is an enterprise that has exploded in a way of being synonymous with a particular corporate way of life. The enterprise offers, as do many similar groups, plenty of meals, stock options, open workplace area, on-website laundry, a focal point on teamwork and open communication, an aggressive ecosystem that fosters personal growth and learning and high-quality benefits.

The enterprise has created conference rooms, has separate buildings, lots of out of doors roaming area for breaks at work.


An enterprise that is going out of its way to offer its personnel tough projects and then provides and assist to help them meet the ones demanding situations successfully. Even as it offers benefits and perks like every modern innovative organization, the company’s tradition is that avoids micromanaging in the desire of trusting employees to do their quality.

The company’s merchandise is synonymous with creativity, and best through the avoidance of micromanaging are the folks that create the one’s merchandise clearly free to create. For ex:, Adobe doesn’t use ratings to establish employee capabilities, feeling that inhibits creativity and harms how teams work.

Managers take the role of a teacher, letting employees set desires and determine how they need to be assessed. Employees are also given inventory alternatives in order that they know they have got both a stake and reward inside the organization’s fulfillment. Continual schooling and lifestyle that promotes risk-taking without worry of penalty are part of Adobe’s open organization tradition.



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