8 Killer communication tricks to ensure happy employees

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Your organization has talented individuals with the potential to create uneven amounts of value from the resources available to them. Every industry from big pharma to aerospace to professional services, retaining such employees is absolutely critical.


Explain and persuade:

Talented or proactive people do not like to be told what to do and are likely to react badly if opinions are forced on them. You can persuade them to get the things done and they will give the results faster than you anticipated.


Use expertise:

If you want to justify your decisions try not to use hierarchical power, instead approach the experts in the field (from your organization) and offer them to advise the employees. The employees will instantly have a better regard for the opinion, than if it had to come from just another hierarchical power.


Give the right roadmap:

The next time when you decide to give your employees a goal, It would be very effective to provide a clear roadmap to your employees on how to achieve their goals.


Give recognition and elaborate on the achievements:

When was the last time you recognized your top performers? Recognition is ranked as the second basic need for an employee’s happiness.

ex: A simple appreciation in front of their peers will ensure the utmost employee satisfaction.

And remember – It’s quality and not quantity that’s important!!!

 “A key task for employers today is to make their organizations attractive to people who already know how valuable they are. Such people are the best and the brightest and we call them ‘clever’.”
– Gareth Jones, a professor at London Business School

Be Confident:

A leader is always looked upon by his team. Hence you have to ensure that your confidence levels are soaring every time you are with your team.

“I’ve always maintained – a captain is only as good as his team. It is not about my leadership; it is not about me.”
Gautam Gambhir, Cricketer

Reverse psychology:

Do you want to motivate your top performer? Then tell them they can’t achieve something and you will see the magic. Talented employees work out a ways to prove you wrong.


Not everyone wants to be a leader:

Have you ever tried coaxing a top performer into a becoming a leader and observed that suddenly their scores have dipped down?

This is because not everyone wants to be in the limelight, it’s better that you leave them alone and give them other tasks.

“High-performing employees are extremely observant and sensitive to long-term strategy.

“They want to know that the company is actively doing things, like refocusing and restructuring, to move ahead. If they feel it’s only cutting costs, they know that that’s not a strategy and they’ll get discouraged.”
Doug Klein, Sirota Survey Intelligence

Don’t ask a cobbler to bake a cake:

Every individual is different. As a leader, it is important for you to understand the strengths of your employees.

Many a time you might lose valuable employees (or productivity) only because you didn’t put them in the right job role.

 “Creative talent needs to be engaged by managers who know how to be engaging.”
Mitch McCrimmon, management consultant

So here you go these are the few killer communication tricks to ensure that your employees are happy at their workplace.




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