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We are  Career Catalysts” that believe in translating your unique career story to help you find your dream job. Our goal is to position you to attract 10Xmore interviews, premium opportunities, and land jobs faster than average, and earn higher.

With the best in class actionable “career empowerment course”, we teach you the secrets to articulate your professional value to make you stand out and beat the competition. With best in class guidelines, we help you master that interview, craft a beautiful resume and revamp your LinkedIn profile. We also help you execute a job search plan to guide you from where you are to where you want to be, catapulting you to your next career level.

We will help you design your career path based on your aspirations and journey, which is unique and special to you. We know all this seems painstakingly difficult, but believe us, there is a way out. This course was specifically designed to help you renovate your professional brand, land that dream job and increase your remuneration to the level it deserves.

This Workshop Will Show You How To Transform Your Career, Get You Back In The Driver Seat & Attract Opportunities While You Sleep.

“Once a  person is determined to help themselves, there is nothing that can stop them.”

                                                                                                    – Nelson Mandela

Career Road mapping

Before you create a killer resume or prep yourself for an interview, you need clarity on what your dream job actually seems like, including identifying multiple key areas you would like from employment, like the corporate ethos, responsibility and annual salary etc.

In this opening module you will learn to build your career roadmap based on your skills, desires and non-negotiables; helping you to unveil your dream job.

Resume Building​
Resume Building_octomento Did you know that Interviewers spend only 6 seconds on average looking at a resume? Learn how to grab their attention rather than getting moved to the “no pile”. Perfecting your resume can be a confusing task. What should I write to get my dream job? Is all my information relevant to my potential employer? What do I need to show in my Resume? Once you have identified what your dream career looks like, we’ll help you understand why your resume isn’t getting the type of attention you need to land the interviews. You will learn how to write a cover letter and a resume ensuring that you stand out in front of hiring managers. With template options for you to see, you will learn what makes an impactful resume which is keyword optimized, beats the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and attracts more interviews. Because you deserve just that!
Linkedin Rebranding

Want to get attention from recruiters but don’t know how? A great LinkedIn profile can help.

In this modern, digital world, learning the way to successfully promote oneself online is very vital. This module will show you how to make your LinkedIn profile tailored to your dream career. We will show you how to create a stunning LinkedIn profile and leverage the platform to assist you to unlock job opportunities and expand your network. Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression and we believe that it should be the best representation of you.

Fast Track Your Success. Influence your expertise to impress hiring managers and recruiters: Linkedin Rebranding
Professional Network Building​
Professional Network Building_octomento A dreaded term for a few people, this networking module will offer you the knacks to tackle any situation and teach you ways to network successfully; accelerating your job search and improving your chances of that dream role. Learning how to network with professionals is your key to unlock opportunities, and build connections. It’s true! Almost 80 percent of jobs are never listed on a job site.

This Workshop Will Show You How To Transform Your Career, Get You Back In The Driver Seat & Attract Opportunities While You Sleep.

“Once a  person is determined to help themselves, there is nothing that can stop them.”

                                                                                                    – Nelson Mandela

Targeted Job Searching Strategy

If you’ve ever experienced the dull, repetitive cycle of applying for employment and not hearing back, then you’re not alone. This module will teach you ways to accelerate your job search sleuthing and tap into the hidden job market. You will learn to specialize in quality not quantity job search, working smart -not hard. You will also learn tips on how to make recruiters find you, thus increasing your chances (to land that interview).

Targeted Job Searching Strategy_octomento
Professional Brand Positioning
Professional Brand Positioning_octomento A personal brand is all about you show casing your uniqueness, your distinct talents, what you represent and what people say about you when you’re not around. We all live in a brand driven world so if you don’t have a strong position, you will go unnoticed. In this module you will learn how to discover your value to reposition yourself as an asset. Building a Professional Brand is not the easiest thing in the world but it is definitely the right approach to landing your dream career. Hence, your professional brand shouldn’t fall short of anything but STELLAR.
Body Language And Communication

Research shows 93% of communication comes from body language and only 7 percent comes from what we say. What does this mean? It means that the interviewer is subconsciously paying more attention to your body language rather than what you say.

Impactful communication and presentation skills are paramount. The expression “actions speak louder than words” holds very true, especially during job interviews. The way you present yourself leaves a big impact on your interviewer. Everything – from your outfit to your hairstyle, accessories, and every other belonging that you carry –is judged! Right from the moment you enter through the company’s front doors, you’re perceived with different opinions by different people.

Body Language And Communication_octomento

Fact Check:

Did you Know 69% people fail because of lack of eye contact, 39% fail as they don’t smile? These stats are according to an Employer survey by Adecco.  Simple things that seem trivial are actually the most important.

Mastering And Acing The Interview Prep Process​
Mastering And Acing The Interview Prep Process_octomento You have landed an interview for your perfect role and acing the interview is your utmost priority. We’ll show you ways to master the interview process and successfully tackle the foremost challenging interview questions with loads of confidence.  How you’ll be fully prepared for any eventuality!  , We’ll teach you all the tips and tricks on how to sell yourself effectively, WOW the hiring managers, increasing your chances to land that job you aspire. You will learn how to tell a clear, concise and compelling story that keeps hiring managers yearning to learn more about you.

This Workshop Will Show You How To Transform Your Career, Get You Back In The Driver Seat & Attract Opportunities While You Sleep.

“Once a  person is determined to help themselves, there is nothing that can stop them.”

                                                                                                    – Nelson Mandela

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